Adventures of a Kid Rhino

Life is meant to be lived. I vow to live mine freely. Full of love, light, and positivity. Modern day urban hippie.

SOOOOooooooooo now that OutKast and Little Dragon will both be at #LifeIsBeautiful CAN THEY PLEASE PERFORM THIS! I’m just discovering this song and had to play it back to back.

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Just cuz… 

The next time you catch your reflection, I recommend a selfie. Its like saying “Hey self, I think you look good. Even when you’re in boring ass Sunday work clothes”.
Chill days that feel like old days. #PowerRangers



"You’re like the whitest black person I know"image

"I don’t even see you as black"


"Haha your’re an Oreo get it"


"You don’t talk ghetto like other black people, you speak proper English"


"I didn’t know you were smart!"


This Post Is So Important.

Like, beyond important.

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