Adventures of a Kid Rhino

Life is meant to be lived. I vow to live mine freely. Full of love, light, and positivity. Modern day urban hippie.

I pray to never lose my child like wonder. #allergicandall #grassnap
"Prison is the only form of public housing the government has truly invested in"

Marc Lumont Hill at the talk ‘End Mass Incarceration’ - Riverside Church, Harlem New York 2012 (via xuron)

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Yeaaaaah! Tiring but worth it. #redrock #hiking (at Red rock Calico trails)
Driving and saw…..Hm. Food for thought. #message
UMMMMMMM!!!!! WTF!!! Where the hell did this dude come from! This EP knocks so hard and his vocals are impeccable! #samsmith #nirvanaEP

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s show back in the US anc she was just poetic. Maaaann! Great show!