Adventures of a Kid Rhino

Life is meant to be lived. I vow to live mine freely. Full of love, light, and positivity. Modern day urban hippie.

Paint cup is usually the real art. #acrylic #seacolors
Octopus got love ta give too. #acrylicpaint
Letting these #Naps, #Curls, and #Scruff hang out, with no regard, in their natural form today.
My Ace. It was family from day one. The places and people changed but we remained and it will always be that way. Thank you for being my soundboard, my sanity, my “No-Man”, and my right hand. In one of our songs, I say “May my right hand never be severed”. That’s you kid! Today I celebrate your life and all that it has blessed me with. Happy Birthday Jamelle aka Jamella! Reign on young King! Love you Brother!